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  • Finding the right system can be very confusing, should I get the Logitech, or Philips hues, or Honeywell, maybe Vivint, or SimpliSafe, or which sound system would be right for you. So many decisions. Don't worry, at Cyrus, we have the experience. we listen to you and based on what you tell us we will design ta system that is right for you with your budget in mind.

  • Here at Cyrus, we want you, our customers, have a positive experience. bellow is a simple and some basic knowledge that can give you some direction and remember, we are a phone call away 303-956-3238


  • In this configuration you would have your alarm system that protects your home or business and automation is configured into the security system in the form of a technology called ZWAVE. ZWAVE is a wireless mesh just like WIFI but NOT WIFI. In this setup special ZWAVE module is being used and all peripherals that are ZWAVE compatible can only be configured into the system. Regular WIFI automation devices can not work in this system. This is the only CON with this system and the PRO with this is that you will be using your security app to control your security and home automation devices with no need to go back and forth between apps. Special wireless cameras can also be configured into this system.


  • In this configuration you can use almost everything in the market that is WIFI compatible to get into automation and security. There are different systems that can control lights, locks, thermostats, etc.…. and they all have their own apps that you have to download and use. For lighting, for locks, for thermostats, etc.…. there are some manufacturers that cooperate with each other and let each other into their apps. In that case you can share apps among some of the devices. But even if you choose to go this direction there are ways to make things easier and this is where I come in and I can let you know which are compatible with each other that you can get the most for your buck. If you are not interested in the security system part this may be the way to go.

Frequently asked questions

locate the plug in transformer that powers your system. Normally a square beige or white box plugged in a wall outlet in the general area of your alarm system. Make sure it is plugged in. If by some chance is plugged in a GFI, make sure GFI is reset. If all that checks out there might be a possibility that there is a short on the charging circuit or your panel might be bad. You need to call your security professional if that happens.
Yes, our systems can be incorporated with Z-wave or Non Z-wave devices to control door locks, thermostats and lights depending on which system you choose. These can even be controlled with your smart phone.
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