State of art security system that not only it looks good but it functions nicely and you can interact with it even when not home. Arm, Disarm, and manage your security system remotely. Get text/email messages when alarm happen. Use Amazon Alexa to interact with your security system as well.


Forgot to close your garage door? No problem. Through Total Connect app control your garge door and adjust the thermostat or even control your lights. See and interact with who's at your door even when you are not home with video doorbells like Skybell or Ring. Use keyless entry and give yourself the ability to lock or unlock your door remotely. We can even help you interact with your home entertainment system when you're home or away from your home. with a touch of a button lower blinds, dim the lights, turn on TV, Blueray, Favorite channel and enjoy your evening. then with a touch of a button turn off everything. our systems even interact with Amazon Alexa if you wish.


Camera systems have come a long way from bulky cameras and not so clear pictures to small and effective with 1080p and HD pictures so much that you can recognize the faces dependin on distance and location of the cameras.


Partnering with Bose and Sonos for affordable high quality sound options for your home. Also partnering with professional around the metroplex for more complex sound system installations if you chose to go that direction.

  • Fast Callback and response

    We try our best to be there for you. But, there may be times that we are busy with other callers or clients. If you leave us a message or send us an email, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Normally within 2 hours.

  • Dedicate Help center

    We are available 24/7 if you need us from simple phone troubleshooting to coming out and resolve your issue.

  • Professional diagnose

    With over 25 years experience, we can quickly and systematically find out where the problem is and resolve your issue.

Our indicative prices

Install Rate $50 /hr
Service Rate $85 /hr
Emergency After Hour Rate $100 /hr

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Security saving tips

  • To prevent false alarms make sure alarm system is the last thing you set before you leave and the very first thing when you come back home.
  • make sure you discuss the location of the devices with your installer to ensure environmental condition will not effect your alarm system.
  • Every security system has a duress option for emergencies make sure you ask your installer about that option.
  • Window or door contacts are only good for when door or window opens but what if they cut a hole in the door or break your window? make sure you discuss all scenarios with your installer to cover yourself with motion detectors or glass break sensors.
  • if you are building a new house consider prewiring the house for Security, CCTV, Automation, and Entertainment.
  • Over the years wires tend to break and create false alarms. please consider updating your wiring every now and then.
  • In so many cities now you need to have a police permit for your alarm system. please stay up to date with that in case you need the police, they would respond.
  • if you start having false alarms, communicate that with your security professional to resolve issue immediately before it becomes a real problem.